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Sunday, May 12, 2013 0 comments
Earlier this year, Resiove and Videl introduced me to their new dolls which are the Monster High series created by Mattel.

Illustration by Fanpop.com

Basic Draculaura & Clawd Wolf Set from the Basics 2011: School's Out Series
Picture from Egolon's Ville
Every single character has a unique personality and each of them comes with different stunning fashion style. I am amazed by its stability when posing them to stand without any doll stand needed. Each release are based on different theme or rather waves and each release comes with different accessories and sometimes their pets! Check them out in this Monster High Dolls Guide or the Monster High Wikia~

Scaris: City of Frights Walmart Exclusive Catrine de Mew
Picture from Egolon's Ville
So far most of the basic releases are available in major Toys R Us outlets and I'm glad that Toys R Us are available in Kuching (tHe Spring and Hills). Other from physical outlets, you can hunt them through ebay or even buy them directly through Mattel because there are some special editions and hard to find versions.

Apart from their dolls, I enjoy watching some of their cartoons which are available on YouTube. It makes your doll collecting interest even more meaningful ~


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