Tiger & Bunny: My Private Hero Android Installation

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Recently, my head is filled with Tiger & Bunny under my friend's influences~
I got to know this app from Macoto and it took me the whole day to install the app because the app is in Japanese and basically, I successfully installed the app through trial and error method....

Basic requirement for the app: Android OS Version 2.2 and above

 I find that this installation guide written by A Well Tempered Device is quite helpful but there are some parts that you will have to watch out on which I have highlighted in the guide. Hopefully, it helps to ease your installation~:

  1. You need to create an account to download the application (click on the blue button). This requires accepting the terms (first option), entering your email address on the following screen, clicking on the URL in the confirmation email to access the following page, and entering details. They’ll ask for your choice of password (enter twice), user name, gender (order is F and M), birthday (year, month, day iirc), and country. The only option I saw for country was Japan, so leave that alone. **Country must be Japan because the app is meant for Japan region only.
  2. Using a QR code reader will lead you to this page, which is for installing Banadroid. You can just enter this address into your phone’s web browser. Click on the blue button to download Banadroid. I don’t think it’ll show up on a regular web browser, only an Android phone’s. **The app is meant for Android phone only so you must download via your phone.
  3. Banadroid has a guide on what you need to do to install and access the store. My Japanese stinks, so I did some guesswork. You have to enable Unknown sources under Application settings. Make sure there’s a check mark next to Unknown sources to “Allow installation of non-Market applications.” Go to Downloads after and tap Banadroid.apk. If you did everything properly, you should be able to Install the application. You can then open Banadroid. I don’t remember whether it’ll automatically lead you to the My Private HERO page, but it’s currently the newest app on the front page. 
  4. Click on the gray button next to ¥0 to log in with your email address + password, and install My Private Hero. You may have to click on that button again after logging in. I’m not too clear on that since I’m writing this after I installed it, and it’s already shown as installed.

After Installation...

My Private Hero: Kotetsu ~~
What does the whole app does so far, other from poking and caressing Kotetsu like a cat, I have not found what else the app allows me to do. So if you have found other game play for the app, I would appreciate if you can share them with me 
~~ Thank you in advance ~~

The basics will be Kotetsu in his casual wear without his cap and if you want to have Barnaby or different version Kotetsu, you will have to make the Japan Webmoney via CN-USA using your PayPal account or Credit Card~


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