Titanium Druzy Cabochon

Friday, May 10, 2013 0 comments
My cabochon druzies are home an I love how my seller packed the druzies with a gift lacey pouch~

Probably you'd wonder what these are. I got my interest on these articles after I saw this particular pendant earlier this year but the pendant was marked sold out when I saw it while the other druzy pendants that were available was not to my liking 
(= A =)|||
Inspired by Left & Right's handmade jewelleries, I decided to get druzy cabochon which are shaped and polished druzies~ I got into quite some research on druzies and got to know this seller on ebay and decided to give it a try since he has got quite a number of good replies on the quality of his jewelleries~

  When I got my druzies, I was amazed but its beauty and and every bit of it is sparkling~

This one looks exactly similar to the druzy pendant's druzy that I wanted and definitely going to make it into a pendant for myself~ 

If you are interested in druzies like myself, I'd like to share this article from the seller whom I bought these lovely druzies, it does not apply only to the druzies that he is selling but also how to differetiate fake druzies when you are selecting a druzy. 
 Hopefully, I will have more free time soon so that I could start turning them into my desired pendant~


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