Usagi-chan's Day Out~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 0 comments
Usagi: Yays~ Today Mummy Rozene is bringing me for a day out ~

Usagi: Nice to meet you Mr Teddy~ I'm going out with mummy today~
Mr Teddy: Make sure you grasp my fur when the car starts ~

Usagi: Wow that sounds fun~

Mr Teddy: Here we go~

Hesse taking care of Usagi-chan when we were at Mc Donalds having our lunch~

Looks like Usagi-chan is more interested in her picnic then listening to Hesse showing her around~

Usagi: I wanna go to the other side~

Usagi: Look at those doors! They are huge!!

The Usagi's guardian of the day, Cyril is peeking from afar 
(= v = )

Usagi: Where did my slice of cake went....

Usagi: Oh well, at least I still have my lollipop~

~twirls around~

while Usagi-chan is happily playing around, Cyril is watching from the back~

Hiding behind the pillar~

Group photo~

Random shot at MBKS garden~


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